Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Thank You Gamma Iota!

Earlier this year, I applied for a mini-grant from Gamma Iota Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma, International.  And they chose me as a recipient of this mini-grant!  

With the money the so wonderfully gave us, we were able to purchase Student Council t-shirts for all Student Council members at a significantly low cost (only $2 per student!)  

I allowed my Student Council members to choose several designs and to vote on the one they wanted.  The shirts above are the ones they created! They say "Born 2 Lead."  

I think the most awesome thing about our shirts are the fact that they help us seem like part of a team and also create a sense of pride and ownership in our school.

When I asked my students what they thought about the shirts, here's what they had to say:

"I liked that we were able to pick out our own t-shirts.  It’s great that they give money for important causes. "

"It gives you a sense of pride to be a Student Council Member."  - Meg 

"It gives us a little extra piece of memory from our time here at York and in Student Council.  You feel like you have more responsibility." –Griffin 

"A statement that says, We’re in Student Council and we’re proud of it! Makes you feel like you have a cause." –Allen 

“It’s important for all of us to have the same shirts to look like a team.”

From the entire Student Council, THANK YOU Gamma Iota!! 

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