Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Project 3: A Better World (Trash Pick Up)

Tonight, we completed Project 3- our trash pick up around our school's grounds.  By doing this we are serving our school and community along with being good stewards of the earth.

We split our students up into 2 teams:  Boys vs. Girls!

To add a little more fun, we had 4 contests while doing trash pick up:

1.      The Trashiest Group {Awarded to the group who picks up the most trash.}
        Girls Won- The collected the most trash!

2.      The Weirdest Trash {Awarded to the group who finds the most unusual item during the trash pick-up}
       Girls Won- They found a large, golden, plastic pirate medallion!

3.      The Funniest Trash {Awarded to the group who finds the funniest item during the trash pick-up.}
       Boys Won- They found a half-eaten peanut butter and jelly sandwich hanging from a tree!

4.    The Most Disgusting Trash  {Awarded to the group who finds the grossest trash during trash pick-up.}

            Boys Won- They found a water bottle full of yellow liquid!

Great job to everyone who helped!! Thanks parents and students! You guys rock! :) Mrs. Stout

Here are some of the photos from our night:

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