Thursday, November 7, 2013

York Playground Groundbreaking Ceremony

Hey everyone!

StuCo has been asked to help serve our school by meeting and greeting guests from the community and helping PTA during the new playground Groundbreaking Ceremony on Tuesday November 12th!

Mr. Richardson and I would like the StuCo members (Class Reps AND Officers) to be dressed in their "Sunday Best" on Tuesday so that we represent York well.

A letter is going home today, explaining a few more of the details about what StuCo members will be expected to do.

If you don't receive this letter, you can click on the Events button on the side of the page to download a digital copy of the letter and a handy reminder you can put on your fridge or beside your kiddo's bed!

Thanks and have a great day,
Mrs. Stout :)

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