Monday, November 18, 2013

Food Drive Update

Thanks to everyone who is helping with the Fall Food Drive and those who have donated food!  We are steadily receiving more and more food each day!  Please bring in any non-perishable food items you're able to donate!  Thank you for your support.

**Update 11/21/13**
We have received 630 food items so far!! Don't forget that tomorrow is the last day to bring in your non-perishable food items! :) 

***Update 11/22/23***
Thank you SO MUCH for supporting our Fall Food drive!  We ended up raising 1,097 food items to donate to the Raleigh Rescue Mission to help feed homeless people in the Raleigh Area.  You guys rock!!

Here is an Update of which grades donated the most food:

Kindergarten:  135 items  (Ms. Brook's class had the most in K- 47 items!)
First: 305 items (Mrs. McKeithan's class had the most in 1st with 137 items and Mrs. Russell was right behind her with 127 items!)
Second:  115 items (Mrs. Green's class had the most in 2nd- 66 items!)
Third:  107 items (Ms. Osterhoff's class had the most in 3rd- 44 items!)
Fourth:  127 items (Mr. Scott's class had the most in 4th- 67 items!- Must have had something to do with the 'stache ;)
Fifth:  308 items (Mrs. Stout's class had the most in 5th- 140 items and Mr. Fulford was right behind with 122 items!)

My homeroom class did donate the most food- and I am so proud of them! But I am also proud of ALL of the other students and classes who donated so much food for those in need in the Raleigh Area!  Thanks for your support! :)

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